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Anila Kitteon
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Friday, 19 November 2021

The Other End of 2021

 Hey Friends,

It's November! I just checked and my last post was in January.
Funny to think I didn't have a clue what might occur.

I was working as a Lifeguard at the new Rec Centre, that much is true.
I remembered the things I hadn't been keen on last time I did that job, 20+yrs ago!

We were advised the Fitness Centre (gym) needed 'Assistant Floor Staff', so I and a couple of other lifeguards volunteered.

I soon remembered what I loved about fitness; the supervisor of the fitness centre is European and could envision me teaching classes again etc. It was so uplifting!

When we closed again in March, I used the time to study for my Personal Trainer Specialist certification and started training a couple of friends for practice. When we returned to the Rec Centre in July, I was on personal trainer rate instead of AFF. I have covered a HIIT class when someone was unwell, which was fun! I have also taught 2 of 4 of my practice classes for my current course and am already being lined up for future classes.

Sadly, my lovely, supportive German supervisor isn't staying (we are having to be vaccinated against Covid and it isn't in her beliefs), but I intend to keep her as my mentor. Her replacement, Thomas, is someone I have enjoyed working evenings with and will do a most excellent job.

I also started a 6 months Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification(s) course.
My deadline is January, but I would love to have it done by Christmas!

At the same time as starting the course, I started the Fit Chicks Transformation Challenge!
28 days - although we went away on the 26th day so wasn't as rigid, but didn't have treats until the challenge was officially over!  This has helped me find a routine and better understanding of working out. Also learning and working with experienced PTs is the best thing ever!!  I am feeling good and getting stronger!

We had a fantastic holiday road trip up to Wawa and back to Manitoulin Island, our magical happy place! 

Floor Staff


In other news, we acquired a kitty - one I had spotted in someone's back garden; I knocked on the front door and the man handed me a wee Pud'n. So that's her name.

Midnight was living in the scrapyard of our upstairs neighbour a month or so after Pud'n arrived. He is still quite skittish but soooo affectionate! He had parasites from eating the crap from the garbage.

All three cats have had a fair share of meds recently! Pud'n had her kitty hysterectomy on Monday. They have become such fantastic friends!
Poor Puss is just grumbled by their presence!



It has been 3yrs since I had chemotherapy!
My hair is doing well; nice and curly with bouce.
The chemo curl ringlets are slowly getting the snip!


Jumping for Joy!

OK, my course is awaiting me. I will try to write again before 2022 is upon us!

But no promises! TTFN 

PS We also got a new car in May :) and my lil whip went to someone who loves her!