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Anila Kitteon
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Saturday, 23 January 2021

Two Thousand and Twenty One!

 Good evening.

Here I am, still plodding away and working on myself blah de blah!

I had some unexpected time off - lockdown/employer covid testings etc. so amongst making edibles, I started trying Transcendental Meditation - 20mins twice a day. This seems time consuming but I just had to squeeze it in. Since being back at work this week, I haven't always managed it twice a day and sometimes just 10mins instead of 20mins.

It feels nice - my mind feels quite peaceful for it!

Alongside meditation, I have been doing Yoga With Adriene's 30 day January challenge - Breath. I'm in a little supportive chat group so it's nice to share it!

Besides this.... I have started writing a book. Marian Keyes started offering tips and guides and prompts to help people take steps towards writing a novel!! So mine is about a teen living in a children's/care home.

Other book ideas I have are around sex and sexual expectations, experiences etc.
Guys seem clueless and/or reluctant to spend the time on a woman. I want to write erotica too.
Also about the splurging of photos of children before they can even understand or consent to what that means. Raising children - the benefits of spoiling them with nature over 'things'.

Anyhoo, Happy New Year!!  What a crazy ole time to be alive! 

Times of crowds and festivals and relaxed gatherings seem forever ago!

On top of Y&M I am trying to read/write in the mornings and avoid looking at my phone before 7am (on a work day).

It's a process! :)

In other news.....

My hair is growing!!

Shovelling this week!

Pretty sky on our walk earlier.

I love yoga!

Bye for now, friends!