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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Things, Stuff & Junk

I recently decided that in an ideal world, HG and I could travel with our favourite/necessary belongings... travelling with a vehicle where each has their own itemised special position. If I could draw I would attempt it. I was probably high when I thought of this and will be again as I continue to write this.

Currently living in an apartment in Canada, HG and I have gradually been replacing equipment, belongings and apparatus that make life convenient and most of which we had already possessed in the UK. Prior to immigrating, we took car loads to charity/alternative homes/storage (aka parents'), sold items/vehicles, and gave away valuables (most importantly our baby kitty cats).

It's quite a strange feeling to leave what/who you know, taking only a few suitcases with 4 boxes shipped to follow... I now wish we had packed random things such as more of our kitchen items; however it's been worth the wait to acquire the ones we kept (via Mum's packing & Dad's transporting), ready for when we were flying the nest(s) and living independently once again, this time in our 'new' country.

Here in Canada, most of our 'new' belongings have been donated, shipped or bought from Ikea. Gradually we are gathering more stuff/crap and drawers/cupboards are being slowly filled - I put my hands up to this inherited habit :-D BUT we have a lot of space in our present place and very little 'stuff'. In the back of my mind I'm always wanting to collect as little as possible, to make our lives easier when we move on (still so many places I want to go/see/live/experience). At the same time, we're living here and it's important to be comfortable.

I want to add my own photos here but just figuring where they're stored and which device I can use to access them (Apple like to make things less than simple/compatible), it makes my head spin and sadly, it's much easier not to.

For now.

Things I miss:
- My manual (standard), compact, fun go-cart car :-D
- Our sound systems... (surround sound in the lounge & my stereo linked up to small TV/DVD player on table which rolls back and forth over our kingsize bed.)
- Roundabouts (haha too many stop signs & red lights = unnecessary waiting!)
- Scenic, historic, amazing architecture and towns that link together by nice roads <3
- Windy, country lanes
- Peeps (obviously)
- Places being linked together; able to walk/cycle to town
- Pedestrianised (cobbled) towns & shopping centres

Things I don't miss:
- The all-too-occurring racist, negative attitude and unwillingness to accept
- Lots of people/crowdedness
- M25/traffic

I want to do a better list but also, a list comparing words used and phrases.

For now I must hit zee hay.

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