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Anila Kitteon
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Monday, 24 August 2015

My Body Is My Temple

Fitness is my friend. It always has been.
I'm happiest when I'm active; I grew up swimming, building sandcastles and climbing trees.

This time last year (August 2014), I was the thinnest I had been in a long while. Seemingly, simply by eating a (home made) salad at work during my swing shifts (3pm-11pm), I lost weight (there were no extra food options once at work). Tom and I were also short of options at the time (financial & living with parents) and the Canadian weather was so cold that announcements had suggested one avoid going outside where possible. So we spent a few weeks before the thaw doing Gillian Michael's 20min Shred; firstly in my Dad & Step-Mum's lounge (which had tenants living below), and then in the basement (shared) laundry/storage room, where Tom would smack/bump things above and around him; very confined, the floor was concrete and he couldn't stand up in some areas.
Fun Times :-D We love doing stuff together.
[We express love and gratitude at how lucky we are every day; it's puke-worthy but pretty amazeballs.]

I lost more weight and toned up when I changed jobs to one in a more manually-demanding (aluminium) factory and required my bike to get home a few days a week. I hadn't realised how much cycling worked the lower abs! We also moved into a place that had a pool so I swam/dipped most days; also in the lake if I could. I enjoyed being slim while it lasted, as I know my lifestyle changes affect my fitness levels/shape etc.

So I digress...

I always remember my Gran talking about being 'on a diet' and Mum also saying she should 'diet'. As my Mum realised she was gaining weight, she asked me (aged 18yrs) to join her in attending some fitness classes. I discovered that I could do aerobics and also that I loved it. I already knew I loved dance (which makes me miss it - especially Jive). I got more into aerobics/classes, swam and also cycled home from work during my gap year after College, working through Camp America and before University. I was super fit this year (aged 19yrs) and then tanned, following a week in Greece - ready for Uni!

My weight increased at University, due to an increase in drinking (and catered halls of residence - cooked breakfast every morning?!) and a 45min bus ride (with a chilly wait in the wind and rain either side) to get to the pool, my levels of activity reduced. We did yoga/aerobics classes and cycled/jogged/bladed occasionally. I'd signed up with the swimming club and surf club and later joined the gym (but felt guilty for attending and not writing my dissertation!).

I got back into aerobics, discovered yoga and later became an Exercise to Music Instructor (a qualification that I achieved in a speedy 2 weeks and used for a 6-week period only - so far!). After University, I moved to London with friends and eventually found work in Essex, so I drove back and forth for four months before moving closer to work. Despite living in London, I would use the gym (still under student price) and do my food shopping in Essex. My housemate complained that I was rarely home.

Once I'd moved to Essex, I often swam before work; going home for breakfast when I lived close enough or eating at work. I'd also do one or two classes/jog/workout at the gym most days during the working week and later dropped wheat and dairy from my diet, which meant I lost weight and was fit again :0) The best classes I have ever partaken in were step/aerobics at Fitness First in Basildon, Essex! Possibly because it was close enough to recruit London trainers. I ate well and visited friends in other parts of the country on weekends.

Christmas 2005 in Oz
Sydney, Aus.

From Essex, I travelled Thailand and Australia; where my fitness components mainly consisted of jogging, swimming, press-ups and push-ups. Ocassionally we'd get into a gym free or pay for a one-off session; my travel buddy Joe gave me a couple of boxing practice sessions and I participated in a class or joint session from time to time. I got into Dragon Boating for a few weeks, with a family friend of the family I resided with in Engadine (near Sydney).

I tend to get fidgety and feel blobby if 2-3 days pass and I haven't exercised. This summer I have researched and learned about weight lifting - particularly women lifting weights. I'm feeling it; love the buzz and heavier weight = quicker changes. HG & the guy who lives above us, have been playing frizbee frequently and we've gotten quite into Volleyball! It's been a lovely, active summer in the sun. I almost competed in a try-a-tri but it was not to be.


My point is that I keep seeing people selling/promoting wraps, pills, juices, shakes, tablets... and I just want to promote good old exercise and nutrition! It's the harder option which is why fewer people achieve their goals using this method. I know it's not best for everyone but being active is sooo good for you and it feels so nice!!
Sporting equipment by the door!
Some guy in Oz!

A Journey of Friendships and Loves

I miss my friends. My school/old friends with whom I can mess about, say what I want and always have fun, every time we get together.

It's taken me a while but I'm starting to meet people here in Canada with whom I can feel comfortable (enough to be my wacky self). Gradually enough time passes; I've been working at the casino as a bartender/server for one year today and I have been integrated into the 'work family'; with many I am past the basic facts/getting to know you stage and with other I don't care too much. I am super friendly and encouraging though and they seem to enjoy/appreciate having me around. One Asian server colleague calls me "Mrs Happy".

My school friends appear to acknowledge my existence about once every 3 months... for my "best" friend, I was disowned for about a year after we left England. Cheers bud. I'm not sure things will be the same again, but I do miss him & his hubby and their home which became my/our sanctuary. My oldest/historical best friend (since 7yrs old) emails me occasionally but hasn't ever been amazing at communication though we still love each other dearly and won't shut up nattering while we're together.

Terrible photo! 27th May 2000 (my 19th birthday) :0) 

Other, scattered friends are treasured for sure. I wish I could gather everyone I love spending time with and have them in one place!

The history, memories, fun times and experiences we have with people can't be sped up... interactions happen at their own speed. I sometimes wonder if my "best friends" are just my oldest friends; through a history of many shared moments. Or maybe there are categories of "best friends"... anyway who gives a shit? :-D

Due to not having children, HG and I inevitably end up hanging out with younger peeps; usually in their 20s. However, we have spent time recently with peeps in their 30s/40s who either don't want 'kids' or don't want them yet. It's been really refreshing to hang out with others who understand and respect our way of thinking and choice of lifestyle. The good thing also, with the service industry, is that workers often enjoy a good lay-in and get it, rather than seeing us as lazy for staying in bed until 12pm, despite going to bed between 3-5am (combo of work and choice).

I can't help feeling that, despite my old group of friends now reuniting themselves more frequently, my feelings towards them have changed. When/if we do ever live closer again, what will our relationship(s) be like? Being away means new phases in friendships etc. I have found people communicating via messaging aps/services, whom I maybe didn't chat so much to while we were in UK. Others, as I mentioned, have drifted off - nobody's fault; some people need to see me in person and others are better with phone calls (which are less than simple with phone cards, skype, time differences/costs... altho seriously, no excuses. Come On!).

Feck I'm boring myself so I'll be off!

Here's a pic of our handsome fur baby and one of our delicious whip!
Can't get enough of either of them!!