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Saturday, 11 November 2017

I love hanging out with me... :-)

I feel like I need an audio recorder - ooh or a thoughts recorder... so I could blog it later when I wasn't showering, swimming or driving!!

People/friends often say they won't go to (usual example) fitness classes alone. As I worked out amongst a room of women I had never met before - OK some once, when I attended 2wks ago, I thought to myself... that sometimes I prefer to do things alone. I love exercise classes and always had amazing time with friends at bootcamp classes in UK. However, I mess around and maybe don't work as hard, as when I am alone, or surrounded by strangers.

I still had a fantastic time at the spin class this morning; we were sharing a positive experience, as a group.

I follow a chick who lives in the UK (London?) and just watched her 'story' in which she states that she enjoys her own company and gets annoyed when she's with others too much. She went alone to a big health event and admits she wants to be able to absorb the talks, info; watch the people around her.

I was thinking, during this rare Saturday morning at home alone (I went out and got some bits done but roads are icy after the first snowfall!), about how I enjoy my own company; HG gets offended that it means I don't enjoy his company, but it's different. I don't not enjoy his company, I just very much enjoy my own! (However, a few hours is usually enough for me to start missing him!)

Peace Out x


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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Plastic Rage - PLEASE say no!

I keep thinking of little thought snippits I should write, but rarely sit and do it - always something else to do... today I'm doing it!!

At weekends, I work in a restaurant that is very fast-paced (during peak times); the family-run business is eco-nomical conscious but less eco-logical conscious. I take it upon myself to distribute no straws with water, as a rule, and endeavour to ask customers if they require a straw (frustrating word for my English accent, against these Canadian ears!) with their pop/fizzy/soda drinks. Often times this backfires, as they think it's an offer and say 'ooh yes, alright'. Occasionally I explain my attempted eco-warrior vigilante reasoning.

America uses enough plastic straws to fill 27 school buses per DAY - 500 Million per DAY - that's enough to fill the Yankee Stadium 9 times per year.

They are such a luxury and an easy sacrifice.

A town/city half an hour from us had a project earlier this year, where most of the cafes, restaurants and pubs in the area agreed to try a few months straw-less. It was a success and I would love for the same to occur in our lovely little town. I intend to write to the mayor - whom I have met a couple of times, and is very actively involved in the community. But first I feel I should do my research and gather some facts. 

Watch this space! (Hopefully I'll return with updates or some other random ramblings!)

In the meantime, please do your part:
* Say NO to straws (request your drink without one)
* Decline plastic bags and RE-USE the ones you have
* Avoid take-out drinks/boxes - try to bring your own (this takes pre-planing and accomodating outlets)
* Re-use water/drink bottles - I would probably pass out with thirst before I accepted a plastic bottle (ok slight exaggeration!)

Remember, I am childfree and truely believe that this is the best time to be alive - technology is amazing, we have unlimited choices, freedom; we have had/seen wildlife and nature in its element... (although there are now 75% fewer insects than 25yrs ago!!), it scares the hell out of me that the future generations are going to have less and less of a good quality of life. My nieces, my cousins' babies, my lovely lovely friends and families having beautiful, intelligent babies. My nannying "job" of love and developing joy and nutrition.... DO THIS FOR THEM!!! and their babies and their babies.

If you haven't watched the video of the turtle having a straw removed from it's nostril, take a look now.

Some things I found so far....:
The Plastic Straw

Jan 2017 - Barrie going straw-less:

Video re: Barrie straw-less

Friday, 30 June 2017

Canada's 150th Day

So we've been living in Canada for over 4 years now. (I think if we had a dining table I'd maybe write/type more. I'll try my best to not leave this post half-written, as I seem to with most!)

Tomorrow is the 150th Canada Day - people are saying Canada is 150 years old, and maybe the name is, but for many many people, it's just 150 years of pain. I am fascinated - and so sorry - about the way the 'white man' 'discovered' Canada. While the country was seen for it's beauty and potential, the indigenous people were seen as needing to learn to live a 'civilised' life and the opinion was that their hunting and fishing lifestyles took up too much space, restricting the areas that the new migrants could build, reside and basically take over.

Indigenous people were forcefully made to forget their own languages and children were sent to residential schools (where more unspeakable acts occurred).

150 years on, there is much talk of reconciliation and in recent years, an official apology was made to those affected and their families. Many cling onto their history, culture and language, but much is lost as the elders pass on.

Last year, I attended a ceremony in support of those at Standing Rock. It was humbling to see a ceremony for myself. I love how respectful they are of our earth - thanking and blessing the water we were next to, as all waterways are connected (they won't be this clean in years to come). Oh and I ended up holding the sign (second from the left), so here's me in the local paper!

We stood next to the statue of Samuel de Champlain, who 'discovered' Orillia; the statue is only half a story and is quite heart-wrenching. Here is a fabulous article from the Toronto Star this week.

We live in an amazing, beautiful town and despite the awful 'country' drivers, we are very happy here.

I feel lucky. Everyday.

Happy Birthday Canada; I hope the next 150yrs are much more fair to those who deserve it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Periodic Ladyscape Ramblingz

I'm reading a book called Love Your Lady Landscape. My friend recommended it. You can find her here:

There is so much to learn!! I'm running late. I miss blogging.

Anyway, this morning the book guided me through deep breaths (becoming very familiar now I'm on Day 27 of 30 Days of Yoga) with hands on heart and womb. Having already worked out (HIIT & Yoga), I felt like a nice orgasm would help things along, after my nice warm shower, so I did that (why isn't it normal to talk this way?) then read a few pages while I ate my weetabix (with protein powder and berries).

Then I peed mid-dressing and ta-dah! Hello lovely period. I greet her every month.
This book connects with that perfectly; it's nice to read, learn, grow and accept.

Our insides are precious and so powerful and deserve to be worshipped XxXxxXxXxxxX