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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Things, Stuff & Junk

I recently decided that in an ideal world, HG and I could travel with our favourite/necessary belongings... travelling with a vehicle where each has their own itemised special position. If I could draw I would attempt it. I was probably high when I thought of this and will be again as I continue to write this.

Currently living in an apartment in Canada, HG and I have gradually been replacing equipment, belongings and apparatus that make life convenient and most of which we had already possessed in the UK. Prior to immigrating, we took car loads to charity/alternative homes/storage (aka parents'), sold items/vehicles, and gave away valuables (most importantly our baby kitty cats).

It's quite a strange feeling to leave what/who you know, taking only a few suitcases with 4 boxes shipped to follow... I now wish we had packed random things such as more of our kitchen items; however it's been worth the wait to acquire the ones we kept (via Mum's packing & Dad's transporting), ready for when we were flying the nest(s) and living independently once again, this time in our 'new' country.

Here in Canada, most of our 'new' belongings have been donated, shipped or bought from Ikea. Gradually we are gathering more stuff/crap and drawers/cupboards are being slowly filled - I put my hands up to this inherited habit :-D BUT we have a lot of space in our present place and very little 'stuff'. In the back of my mind I'm always wanting to collect as little as possible, to make our lives easier when we move on (still so many places I want to go/see/live/experience). At the same time, we're living here and it's important to be comfortable.

I want to add my own photos here but just figuring where they're stored and which device I can use to access them (Apple like to make things less than simple/compatible), it makes my head spin and sadly, it's much easier not to.

For now.

Monday, 24 November 2014


After meeting, HG and I discussed in depth... well we discussed everything actually; and discovered that our morals and beliefs were very similar. Others, we have discovered and explored together, sometimes debating and having varying views.

We seemed to happily tumble into the increasingly reinforced agreement that:
* It suited us to live without kids (and they are pretty annoying, a lot of the time)
* Humans disgust us with their treatment of this precious planet
* We enjoy traveling and exploring new places/things
* We love being outdoors and enjoying the less disturbed areas (enhanced by smoking weed)
* We love lay-ins and lazy days (I used to be out of bed by 9am everyday) & being together
* We love going where we want, whenever we want
* We love having a kitty around!
* We love being carefree and impulsive
* We embrace an alternative routine and enjoy long/late nights

4am Blogging Assistant

I also knew, thru my chosen career path (initiating with studying Criminology to satisfy my curiosity about how offenders end up being such); working for:
* Social Services (including child protection)
* Residential care homes for teenagers (privately run, predominantly teenage girls)
* Youth Justice/parenting support/groups to strengthen families

...that there are enough children already living in the world, who would benefit massively from being given a loving home. {I'm familiar with the ins and outs enough to know that this is a fantasy dreamland - it's not that easy to rescue a child and things don't always go to plan or as hunky dory as one would hope}.

As more and more of the people I know continue to reproduce, and through some disgruntled parents, I have learnt not to publicise (on FB) my feelings, thoughts and views... because parents are like big grumpy mumma bears and take it as a personal insult to them/their pooping noise makers. [Hehe I am joking - I love babies, small people, pre-teens, teens, 20-eens, etc... just not 24hrs a day.] Tom and I recently agreed that it's maybe become fashionable to be SO protective of your offspring. The majority of people I know having sprogs I respect and trust to raise their little one(s) to be as planet-loving as possible...however it is said that having a child increases your 'carbon footprint' by 400% (reason #15 for not having children).

In person, many people are either understanding or curious when the topic (and my views) arise; and I can give a different reason to about 10 people. Sometimes I find myself becoming preachy - and I believe so deeply that people should simply consider not having children instead of assuming it is part of their future (societies/families/females/wanna-be dads' expectations). I read a blog this evening that explains a few of my thoughts/feelings. I felt so grateful and as if someone finally understood. The link is added below.

It's not that I don't want kids. My body has definitely craved it in the past and I would love to have a child. My reasons for having one are:
* To experience pregnancy and giving birth
* To see what/who it would look like
* To watch it grow, develop, learn and absorb into a little version of us
* To assess my skills as a parent (I've done so much training & supporting that I almost feel I know too much about how hard it is to do it 'right')
* To know that I could (atm ideally I couldn't; then contraception could be erased from my life)
* To have maternity leave (i.e paid time off)

I have many more reasons to not have children and people don't argue when I list them.

My views are long, wide and vast but I'm sleepy right now and don't wanna end up with yet another started-but-not-posted blog entry.

Thanks for stopping by :0)


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Here's one I started earlier... November 2013 sometime!

I begin this post with no plan and no light... (Sitting with HG who is watching a Samuri film with subtitles; started last night whilst I snoozed after the first film! Sorry, movie :P)

Got sucked into watching a different film. Half of which I slept through. Mmmm comfy!

So this year so far has been most amazing. We said our gradual goodbyes and ended up in Canada... magic! Working and living with my brother and his wife (although sleeping in a different building until October) has been good, for the most part. Strong personalities, who like to talk, HG was quiet for a lot of our interactions. Unless he felt he would be heard or felt strong enough about something to speak up! However, despite ups and downs, misunderstandings and emotional episodes, we have come through it, become great friends and achieved a lot.

At the beginning of the arrangement, I had the stages of group dynamics/development in the back of my mind. Knowing it may get rocky at times, but also that HG & I are balanced and laid-back enough to (hopefully) not stress out those around us too much! This arrangement was based on a week spent together last summer, so it was a chance taken by both couples, but a chance with plenty of potential.

Above is a demo chart I found. Although in the groupwork/training I've done, we said Mourning instead of Adjourning.

It's been interesting considering the transition thru our combined journey between April and December 2014... more on this another time :0)

Falling Into Place...

So it's been a while.

This year/summer has been an adventurous exploration of curious rollercoaster fun times, love, laughter and tears...

I feel very content right now and as the first day of autumn (fall) fell upon us yesterday (oops maybe it's just become 2 days ago... at 10:29pm or such similar time I believe the radio announcer advised us). It seems like a good time for reflection.

Around the time I stopped writing this blog, I'd chatted on the phone with an incredible woman, whom I am proud to call a friend and whom I wish I could see a hell of a lot more, as she's so kind and fun, as well as being very inspirational and encouraging... one comes away feeling as if they could conquer the world or the world of whatever it is they're passionate about... anyway I'll call her 'V'. V had suggested I find a niche in the parenting/family profession/world and, using my 'expertise' (*cough*) create a blog which might, hopefully and possibly, make some pocket money. Coming away inspired, after so many weeks of job searching, and what would become six months of two different 'factory' jobs, V pulled me out of my disheartened, dead-end, job-applying hole... I researched etc. and after a period of thinking, googling and problem-solving, I gradually became less enthusiastic about the whole idea, as tends to happen to me when there are no set deadlines or consequences for inaction... unless it's something I reeeeally wanna do.

So during my investigation of blogs etc., I thought about this one and decided it'd be better to begin a new one... but I didn't wanna lose this one - which I barely find time for as it is. V had encouraged me to see the new blog as a 'job' that I must put daily time and effort into... as mentioned previously, I'm not massively self-driven (unless it's fitness :) but even then not always). Anyhoo, my (written) diary was being neglected (weekly inserts and many gaps)... HG and I were adapting to living with family members, routines and lifestyles; as were they. There were pros and cons to living together; especially as it was fresh after living with different housemates for 8 months prior, for all parties, for their own individual reasons, as is natural for four grown adults in close living/working quarters.

Anyway... boring, lengthy explanation of time lapse provided, let's get on wiv eeeet.

Or maybe I'll post this one for now... I feel a bit like I blog more about blogging than actually doing the blogging itself... hmm!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Making natural choices...

So I've read recently that an alternative to shampoo & conditioner is a measured amount of bicarb and vinegar. My cousin, a few years ago, ceased washing her hair for a year or more and, despite people suggesting she was dirty, she was seemingly happy with the results.

I am researching alternatives in my skin/hair care regime and hope to find alternatives to shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash, face wash, face moisturiser and handcream. My reasons are to avoid chemicals, protect the planet (in my own teeny way - every little helps, right Tesco?) and to potentially save some pennies. Right now I'm saving my findings in Evernote, as I may need to acquire some ingredients. I am excited and also slightly concerned, as HG and I are hoping to get ourselves employment (more on this later - if I get around to it!) and I don't want my hair to be in the 2-4 week transition stage (oily/weird) while I'm trying to make a good impression :-P I may also hold off until we have our own place.
I wish I could have such an outrageous hairstyle! But HG is right; my head is a funny shape...

Here's another current debate...

I've also heard conflicting information about whether it's better to run "barefoot" (thin-soled running shoes) or ultra-supported shoes. On further research, it's scientifically backed up as being forcing you to run in a more efficient way, making you lighter on your feet, quicker, and less susceptible to injuries. If only the new style thin-soled shoes weren't so bloody costly! Apparently cushioned shoes do nothing good for our feet (besides protect them from sharp objects). I just asked HG if he fancied running barefoot on the treadmill next time we visit the gym... I'm definitely tempted!

Anyway, on with my search! Here's a bodywash recipe that I'd love to try:

Moisturizing Honey Body Wash


Thanks to

In fact dyu know what, search over. This website answers most of my ponderings!

SO... one day I'll create one/some of these DIY natural goodies and I'll let you know!