Anila Kitteon

Anila Kitteon
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Swing High, Sweet Cherry Pie...

I've been enjoying members of the same sex... I've always found a connection with the odd female, but never really acted previously.

But this post is quick (we got a new tablet thing weeee!) and to the point... when sexting/flirting, I do enjoy men and their comments/responses :) but messaging with ladies is proving pretty fun too! And whilst I enjoy sending sexy pics (good incentive to get/stay fit), I am never bothered about receiving them from men, whereas ladies bodies are so yummy; sweet, smooth and sexy - so providing I find them attractive, it's nice. And so fun. Also, it seems more classy and discreet when ladies take/send pics, whereas 'dick pics' seem less so. Definition and muscle shots though.... melts me.