Anila Kitteon

Anila Kitteon
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Swing High, Sweet Cherry Pie...

I've been enjoying members of the same sex... I've always found a connection with the odd female, but never really acted previously.

But this post is quick (we got a new tablet thing weeee!) and to the point... when sexting/flirting, I do enjoy men and their comments/responses :) but messaging with ladies is proving pretty fun too! And whilst I enjoy sending sexy pics (good incentive to get/stay fit), I am never bothered about receiving them from men, whereas ladies bodies are so yummy; sweet, smooth and sexy - so providing I find them attractive, it's nice. And so fun. Also, it seems more classy and discreet when ladies take/send pics, whereas 'dick pics' seem less so. Definition and muscle shots though.... melts me.


  1. i was about to message you and say 'write your blog!!!' but you have. Why is there some options for my judgement of this post at the bottom? did you choose them?

  2. look i managed to comment!!! at LAST!

  3. Also i agree, some womens bodies are very attractive. I often realise i have chosen to buy a product, not because it is the best fit for me, but because i fancy the lady on the packet. haha.

    1. I love you LE, thank you for all three comments!!

      Mwah xXx