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Saturday, 11 November 2017

I love hanging out with me... :-)

I feel like I need an audio recorder - ooh or a thoughts recorder... so I could blog it later when I wasn't showering, swimming or driving!!

People/friends often say they won't go to (usual example) fitness classes alone. As I worked out amongst a room of women I had never met before - OK some once, when I attended 2wks ago, I thought to myself... that sometimes I prefer to do things alone. I love exercise classes and always had amazing time with friends at bootcamp classes in UK. However, I mess around and maybe don't work as hard, as when I am alone, or surrounded by strangers.

I still had a fantastic time at the spin class this morning; we were sharing a positive experience, as a group.

I follow a chick who lives in the UK (London?) and just watched her 'story' in which she states that she enjoys her own company and gets annoyed when she's with others too much. She went alone to a big health event and admits she wants to be able to absorb the talks, info; watch the people around her.

I was thinking, during this rare Saturday morning at home alone (I went out and got some bits done but roads are icy after the first snowfall!), about how I enjoy my own company; HG gets offended that it means I don't enjoy his company, but it's different. I don't not enjoy his company, I just very much enjoy my own! (However, a few hours is usually enough for me to start missing him!)

Peace Out x


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