Anila Kitteon

Anila Kitteon
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Contemplating Veggieganaritism

I find it hard to not hate humankind through something I see/read/hear each and every day.

For a while now, I've become increasingly despaired at the behaviour of humans and my biggest peeve, that I cannot understand why so few others agree... is people thinking they are so important; I understand to us, that comparing a human life with that of a spider which got stamped on because a dumbass human being 'freaked out' is seemingly ridiculous.

More and more documentaries and photos etc (I've just found so many on Instagram) are coming to light that are so difficult to look at, of animals and how other human beings think it's ok to treat them. I have always admired vegetarians and vegans; and have been through various dietary experiments including no red meat whilst younger.

My dream is to live in a little house with solar-panels and a garden big enough for some chickens, sheep, pig etc. If I knew they were being killed in the most humane way possible (quick/painless), then I tell myself I would be prepared to eat them. However, the entire experience of being taken to a slaughter house or somewhere you're going to be killed for someone else's pleasure... how is that ever ok?

We have the RSPCA/OSPCA to protect pets and animals. How long will it take for the standards for cows/sheep/pigs/chickens to match?

So I've been researching what's involved in going vegan... I'm thinking of switching to vegetarian/pescetarian initially (but I think of the fish too :( )

I am married to a meat-lover, who is also an animal lover and agrees that the next best thing would be buying local to avoid supporting the big corporations, who farm and mass produce the poor darlings.

Baby steps. My weenie efforts seem so insignificant but the World Wide Web assists me in realising there are plenty of others thinking like me, who put in the effort to not eat livestock. I am thinking about all foods; things I eat habitually like cereal/porridge with milk, omelettes & poached eggs and butter on toast/bread. As we get fed at work, we don't cook a lot a home so I'm usually making myself a pre-shift brunch. Both HG and I hate waste so right now I can't say I won't eat a hotdog to save it being thrown out. But I'm thinking a lot.

As a good, vegetarian/pescetarian friend recently said to me,
"After 35 years think how many animals I haven't eaten! Think how many you could potentially not eat xx"