Anila Kitteon

Anila Kitteon
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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Periodic Ladyscape Ramblingz

I'm reading a book called Love Your Lady Landscape. My friend recommended it. You can find her here:

There is so much to learn!! I'm running late. I miss blogging.

Anyway, this morning the book guided me through deep breaths (becoming very familiar now I'm on Day 27 of 30 Days of Yoga) with hands on heart and womb. Having already worked out (HIIT & Yoga), I felt like a nice orgasm would help things along, after my nice warm shower, so I did that (why isn't it normal to talk this way?) then read a few pages while I ate my weetabix (with protein powder and berries).

Then I peed mid-dressing and ta-dah! Hello lovely period. I greet her every month.
This book connects with that perfectly; it's nice to read, learn, grow and accept.

Our insides are precious and so powerful and deserve to be worshipped XxXxxXxXxxxX