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Anila Kitteon
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Monday, 18 May 2015

My Personal Collection of Various Somethings

I will be 34 years old in just over a week. I am proud to be the age I am. I feel lucky each and every day.

I am lucky to have found a partner who not only appreciates, agrees and believes in me and my values, but he supports, encourages and even preaches our shared visions. Our lives revolve around our religious beliefs that Fun is the God of Happiness. And Love too I guess :-P One decision that makes our lives so uncomplicated is remaining child-free.
Having spoken to a colleague/new friend today, I was reminded that things can get much more stressful way before children even enter the world. Just the conception of conception can complicate circumstances!

This evening I have been looking through the items of jewelry I brought with me here to Canada. I tried to only bring with me things that I actually like/wear (let's be honest, we have all received items/garments that we just don't feel right wearing). Thirty Four Years - well I probably started gathering them from about 16yrs onwards, so - 20 years of acquired knicknacks... nothing that would've cost a lot, or mean too much to anyone else. But I want to capture the reminiscent journeys that I found (find) myself on with each memory. I know I won't always have these. I don't too much care about who reads this - at present I am keeping it from most who know me - it's more for my own record. At least this post is.

The great thing about jewelry is that it's small so it doesn't take up too much space :-D

I'm heading home (to England) in 3 days time, for a swift visit and a wedding, and was gathering jewelry to take with me. Literally a memory with every item.

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