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Anila Kitteon
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Monday, 24 August 2015

My Body Is My Temple

Fitness is my friend. It always has been.
I'm happiest when I'm active; I grew up swimming, building sandcastles and climbing trees.

This time last year (August 2014), I was the thinnest I had been in a long while. Seemingly, simply by eating a (home made) salad at work during my swing shifts (3pm-11pm), I lost weight (there were no extra food options once at work). Tom and I were also short of options at the time (financial & living with parents) and the Canadian weather was so cold that announcements had suggested one avoid going outside where possible. So we spent a few weeks before the thaw doing Gillian Michael's 20min Shred; firstly in my Dad & Step-Mum's lounge (which had tenants living below), and then in the basement (shared) laundry/storage room, where Tom would smack/bump things above and around him; very confined, the floor was concrete and he couldn't stand up in some areas.
Fun Times :-D We love doing stuff together.
[We express love and gratitude at how lucky we are every day; it's puke-worthy but pretty amazeballs.]

I lost more weight and toned up when I changed jobs to one in a more manually-demanding (aluminium) factory and required my bike to get home a few days a week. I hadn't realised how much cycling worked the lower abs! We also moved into a place that had a pool so I swam/dipped most days; also in the lake if I could. I enjoyed being slim while it lasted, as I know my lifestyle changes affect my fitness levels/shape etc.

So I digress...

I always remember my Gran talking about being 'on a diet' and Mum also saying she should 'diet'. As my Mum realised she was gaining weight, she asked me (aged 18yrs) to join her in attending some fitness classes. I discovered that I could do aerobics and also that I loved it. I already knew I loved dance (which makes me miss it - especially Jive). I got more into aerobics/classes, swam and also cycled home from work during my gap year after College, working through Camp America and before University. I was super fit this year (aged 19yrs) and then tanned, following a week in Greece - ready for Uni!

My weight increased at University, due to an increase in drinking (and catered halls of residence - cooked breakfast every morning?!) and a 45min bus ride (with a chilly wait in the wind and rain either side) to get to the pool, my levels of activity reduced. We did yoga/aerobics classes and cycled/jogged/bladed occasionally. I'd signed up with the swimming club and surf club and later joined the gym (but felt guilty for attending and not writing my dissertation!).

I got back into aerobics, discovered yoga and later became an Exercise to Music Instructor (a qualification that I achieved in a speedy 2 weeks and used for a 6-week period only - so far!). After University, I moved to London with friends and eventually found work in Essex, so I drove back and forth for four months before moving closer to work. Despite living in London, I would use the gym (still under student price) and do my food shopping in Essex. My housemate complained that I was rarely home.

Once I'd moved to Essex, I often swam before work; going home for breakfast when I lived close enough or eating at work. I'd also do one or two classes/jog/workout at the gym most days during the working week and later dropped wheat and dairy from my diet, which meant I lost weight and was fit again :0) The best classes I have ever partaken in were step/aerobics at Fitness First in Basildon, Essex! Possibly because it was close enough to recruit London trainers. I ate well and visited friends in other parts of the country on weekends.

Christmas 2005 in Oz
Sydney, Aus.

From Essex, I travelled Thailand and Australia; where my fitness components mainly consisted of jogging, swimming, press-ups and push-ups. Ocassionally we'd get into a gym free or pay for a one-off session; my travel buddy Joe gave me a couple of boxing practice sessions and I participated in a class or joint session from time to time. I got into Dragon Boating for a few weeks, with a family friend of the family I resided with in Engadine (near Sydney).

I tend to get fidgety and feel blobby if 2-3 days pass and I haven't exercised. This summer I have researched and learned about weight lifting - particularly women lifting weights. I'm feeling it; love the buzz and heavier weight = quicker changes. HG & the guy who lives above us, have been playing frizbee frequently and we've gotten quite into Volleyball! It's been a lovely, active summer in the sun. I almost competed in a try-a-tri but it was not to be.


My point is that I keep seeing people selling/promoting wraps, pills, juices, shakes, tablets... and I just want to promote good old exercise and nutrition! It's the harder option which is why fewer people achieve their goals using this method. I know it's not best for everyone but being active is sooo good for you and it feels so nice!!
Sporting equipment by the door!
Some guy in Oz!

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