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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Mercury Retrograde Whaaaaat?!


I have had 2 days off with HG, which were lovely :) however I never get the housework/chores done (besides his work uniform cleaned). Now, my 3rd day off results in dealing with the trashed house after coming in and out, eating crap, hardly washing/tidying up etc. I'm always left with the boring shite... which I partly don't mind, especially now I'm back down to 2 jobs (I had picked up the 3rd - helping the family/parents with the mundane tasks).

One task I am contemplating is getting myself organised and studying a course to help my career prospects here in Canada. I may have mentioned it previously in my ramblings; I think I've considered it at the start of each of the last couple of years but the timings, effort in how the feck to enrole and reluctance to spend more on education have prevented further steps. Another aspect that saddens me is having to give up nannying the cherub I am helping to nourish and grow.

The other thing in my head today is friends... I miss having friends around with whom I can connect and relax around. I have friends here, but I feel like I spend more time text/messaging them and making plans that rarely work out.

We recently discussed possible transfer options, now that HG's place of work has been bought out by a different company. I feel sad on one hand, to leave this lovely town that has become our home, however I am ALWAYS up for new adventures, different places and meeting people.

I sometimes think it's sad that I make friends then move along - it's hard to build strong networks, but there's sooo much to see!

I rant a lot about zero waste; cups, bottles, straws & bags.
Maybe people get fed up with this and are less keen to spend time with me. I can't think of anyone nearby atm who feels as saddened as I do by the way we treat the planet.

Today I want to make more moisturiser (coconut oil & essential oils) and make my own deodorant - I follow an AWESOME soul on Instagram, who tries so hard everyday to lead a zero waste lifestyle.

I also want to take further steps towards applying to college.

And get to Bulk Barn - where you can take your own containers - hallelujah!!

I love my HG and there's no-one I'd rather hang out with - most of the time, but he doesn't arrange things with anyone else which puts a lot of pressure on me to be his friend, lover, wife, housemate etc etc.

I keep reading a lot about 'Mercury Retrograde'. I have made a few spiritual/wiccan friends on Instagram and it's all still very new to me. The moon and planets MUST have an effect on us though, right?

They say now is a great time to rethink re-do, revisit that which needs attention. Communication: internal and external. A time to create new patterns of thinking; rethink choices and try to fully utilise the wisdom of the past, to create an even better future.

It's so time consuming to work on oneself; how do people have time for offspring? :P

Thoughts welcome!!

Love & Light 

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