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Friday, 30 June 2017

Canada's 150th Day

So we've been living in Canada for over 4 years now. (I think if we had a dining table I'd maybe write/type more. I'll try my best to not leave this post half-written, as I seem to with most!)

Tomorrow is the 150th Canada Day - people are saying Canada is 150 years old, and maybe the name is, but for many many people, it's just 150 years of pain. I am fascinated - and so sorry - about the way the 'white man' 'discovered' Canada. While the country was seen for it's beauty and potential, the indigenous people were seen as needing to learn to live a 'civilised' life and the opinion was that their hunting and fishing lifestyles took up too much space, restricting the areas that the new migrants could build, reside and basically take over.

Indigenous people were forcefully made to forget their own languages and children were sent to residential schools (where more unspeakable acts occurred).

150 years on, there is much talk of reconciliation and in recent years, an official apology was made to those affected and their families. Many cling onto their history, culture and language, but much is lost as the elders pass on.

Last year, I attended a ceremony in support of those at Standing Rock. It was humbling to see a ceremony for myself. I love how respectful they are of our earth - thanking and blessing the water we were next to, as all waterways are connected (they won't be this clean in years to come). Oh and I ended up holding the sign (second from the left), so here's me in the local paper!

We stood next to the statue of Samuel de Champlain, who 'discovered' Orillia; the statue is only half a story and is quite heart-wrenching. Here is a fabulous article from the Toronto Star this week.

We live in an amazing, beautiful town and despite the awful 'country' drivers, we are very happy here.

I feel lucky. Everyday.

Happy Birthday Canada; I hope the next 150yrs are much more fair to those who deserve it.

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