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Monday, 5 February 2018

Mary Poppins was the original Super Nanny

Yo Mofos.

Still blogging in my head) as I swim, wash up, make beds, chop veg etc etc etc... one day they'll be able to record thoughts maybe... scary.

HG and I are dog sitting in a huge house on the lake :D

He had a minor oral surgery this morning then I raced about while he slept off the drugs around; between dogs, cat & 2 drives to shovel, it's been busy... dinner, a lake snow shoe sesh with dawgs and cooking dinner & banana pancakes then cleaning/washing up. Finally sitting, moved money around etc etc.

ANYHOO!! (We're sitting at a huge granite bar, HG playing lime in the coconut song :D think he's feeling better!)

My 3rd job which I picked up reluctantly, having been recommended by my current employer (all health professionals), I've been doing since about October/November last year. Having mentioned paying $15-18 then offering me $15, I felt a tad insulted.

The position currently entails walking the pooch (LOvE him!!), washing up/putting away, food prep (chopping, some cooking), folding & putting away laundry, washing/drying/changing bedding.

I love the family but I get home on my 'day off' and resent my own 'chores'...

They have a baby... he was 2 months old when I started helping the family and he's not sleep trained.... or anywhere near. So he cries. Because he's exhausted. Last time I was there, his eyes were so red. But he hadn't slept properly the night before - when he usually sleeps better. I want to suggest leaving him to cry/sleep and if he wakes before an hour, leave him to fall back to sleep. The father, having worked nightshift, takes him to basement spare bedroom and they 'nap together' then picks him up again as soon as he wakes (usually 10-30mins).

I was thinking whilst folding their clothes, maybe I should offer a nanny/parenting assistant/advice type service. Super Nanny type thing... but it's their 3rd child; who am I to help people get routines and sleep sorted? And maybe I couldn't either.

My main employer began sleep training our wee munchkin when I began helping as a 'Nanny', Bubs aged 4 months (now 15 months) -a year ago next week. I followed her guidance (laaaarge house helped, as it will when other family move into their new lakehouse) and allowed Bubs to cry - recognising protest cries and responding as/when. The Mum trusts me to make judgement calls and whilst Bubs naps (or doesn't), I prepare/cook/clean/organise etc etc. Potter about :).

My 2nd job is serving at a fun, easy, laid back restaurant. :-D

When I think of the next few years, we'll be staying here while we pay things off and travel to parts of Canada from here I think... our goal is New Zealand... OR learn German and head to Europe.

Once wee munchkin starts school, the semi-plans sitting on the back burner are OPP (Ont Provincial Police) - dispatch (should I get through the tests etc.) or studying Addiction and seeking a job in that area. There is a 1 year course in this town <3

This is a long rammmmble of bollocks, I am grateful if you made it this far! :0)

Love Yeeeewz xXx

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