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Anila Kitteon
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Friday, 22 March 2019

Puzzling Times

At the beginning of my treatment, I had an exciting thought that รณoh I could do a jigsaw puzzzzzle!', as the 'doing' or completing of a puzzle is a far distant fantasy :) We don't really have the space... though thanks to the packaging of Tom's fancy up/down desk, I used a large piece of cardboard and took over the foot rest thing (freebie from the end of someone's drive). 

So a few weeks into my treatment, my Dad's lady (my step-mum) came round and gave me flowers, a puzzle of a garden (I can still hear my Dad saying how he'd told her it would be too hard etc etc.) and probably other lovely goodies! I set it up briefly on the up/down desk prior to the computer being finished (HG bought the PC part by part over a few months and taught me how to install each piece. Fantastic experience and post-chemo activity!), using the felt roll-up 'mat' which step-Mum had also given me. However I wasn't applying the time and so I put it away in the spare room, during a tidy up.

Around the end of chemotherapy, I started the puzzle. I had 2 weeks before radiation treatment started. I actually started it twice, as the cat jumped up and flipped it onto the floor!

HG began to help, but found it too tedious.
My Mum came over from England in February for 8 days and applied many hours to the puzzle!
We had fun with our shared challenge though!

What technique do you use when 'puzzling'?
I try (especially with this confusion of a masterpiece) to browse or work with one or two and match the pieces using their colours, shapes, individuality...
Mum seemed to like searching for one piece in all the pieces! ๐Ÿ˜‹

I probably should have written this once I'd completed it!
Thinking about gluing it into position & framing it!

Ok breaky time! 10:15!
GH is off this week and we've had a glorious couple of nights away.
It's nice to be chiiiill. Especially when work has been stressing him.
I usually pass out on the sofa but the puzzle has been keeping me occupied! I didn't sleep enough last night however. :P


My point was that puzzles require patience like cancer does... ๐Ÿ˜