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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Travel Bloggin' Across the Universe...

I just found my Travel Blog which I started when I went travelling in 2005. JM, my boyfriend at the time, wanted to do a joint blog if I remember correctly. We didn't and I had to give him photos as he hadn't brought a camera. My time travelling with him was stressful; if I think back now, I was already unsure and wary but also hopeful and open-minded to making 'it' work. We'd only been togther 4 months when I booked my ticket. I had been waiting for a long time; saving through my agency position with Essex Social Services, and I'd found a couple of girls (one I'd moved in with) who were going. The timing was right and I couldn't turn it down because of a boy - if it was meant to be then it would be. As it was, he saved his arse off working as a courier for the 2.5 months I was in Thailand without him (he'd been there before, as his sister had a Thai boyfriend, and he was planning to head to Australia anyway - I'd just given him a reason to bring his plans forward).

Three months into my time in Oz with JM, I found myself hanging out with a guy from the hostel one day. His sense of humour was amazing and he made me laugh harder than I had in a long time. Which lead me to realise that JM didn't make me laugh. Or tickle me in any way. I re-evaluated the check list I had created prior to meeting 'my soulmate' and realised that the physical stuff only lasts so long - the psychological/mental/emotional stuff takes over. Be that positive or negative. I now wonder whether JM was bi-polar. Things seemed to be up or down with him - no in between. Which became exhausting - simply constructing a sentence that couldn't get twisted was an effort.

My travel blog became dormant btw; it dropped off my list of priorities along the way.
So did JM's it seems - I get strange feelings when reading his; the later entries containing MY photos but written as though he was travelling alone. It's strange to think we were travelling up the same area of the country around the same time, following our break-up.

If anyone is interested!

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