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Anila Kitteon
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Saturday, 26 November 2011


I have no idea how this thing works.

What is a 'blog' anyway - where did that word come from?! I should Google it - HG (Handsome Geek) keeps telling me to stop asking him all my questions (although he knows the answers to many of them, he insists I forget the answer and ask similar questions a few weeks later!).

I have so much stuff, questions, etc going through my head. I miss having a blank book and scribbling down thoughts as they come up. This was more about me figuring out my emotions - more so when I was feeling low and unhappy in previous relationships. I knew HG had the potential to be my long-term partner when I had no doubts about being with him. Unlike previous partners.

At present I am surrounded by felines. There is one fully grown (although slender & toned - Anila) and her four 7.5week old kittens. I'm not really surrounded as such but they have the power to make me feel as though I am. Their charging, attacking, playful energy fills the room with bounding feet pads and visions of small whizzing furry balls. These gorgeous creatures are ready to leave us next week. However at least one is staying (HG is pushing to keep the macho grey one he has developed a bond with), one is being collected by brother-in-law on 10th December and the third is going to parents-in-law. The fourth is currently homeless, although HG hopes my Mum (or someone we see regularly) will consider having him. I'm trying to be realistic and despite my love for him, am hoping to make a few pennies. Especially as we'd like Mum to kitty-sit if/when we travel or live abroad for a while. I think two cats would be asking plenty.

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