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Anila Kitteon
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Maple Heaven

Hi. I started this post around June 2013 sometime and life has been catching up with me; so many things I want to chat about but working on this 'blog' always gets pushed to the bottom of the pile: 10:30pm after a day of working, cleaning, baking.... sore eyes! So I'll try to whizz thru the general catch-up info to make sure it makes sense!

So HG and I got married in 2010 (officially) and 2011 (unofficially but as we wanted). We contributed savings to our monetary wedding gifts and headed to Canada in August 2012 for a HoneyMoon.

My Brother and Dad have been living in Canada for over 10 years (Dad longer and also at other stages in his life previous). On our belated Honeymoon, we headed to Niagara Falls for a mini Honeymoon (hot tub in the bedroom,lights & mirror above the bed) for a couple of nights, before visiting family.

My Brother, JR, and his wife showed us their world. From a kayak. Paddling out by both a Blue Moon, with a beautiful colourful sunset. The lake was lit up pink; the trees on the islands had shadows produced by the moon... It felt so magical and unreal!

Long story short, we had the most amazing time; the four of us got on well and JR & his wife offered us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move over, live with them and help them with their business.

HG didn't stop mentioning Canada, as I had expected him to, even once we were back into the full swing of work. He grew to further dislike his current career position and longed for space, new opportunities and to work outside. I, being the historic driving force of any ideas to live elsewhere, started to believe this could actually happen and therefore researched moving companies, pet passports, employment, visa options and flights...

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