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Anila Kitteon
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

This Crase in Plazy...

So I've decided that yes, I want/love/desire to 'blog' and am inspired when reading friends' posts. I log little notes for myself on topics that make me think, and I endeavour to get tapping... so here I am in bed, in the morning, taking 10mins to get a post started.... if not posted!!

I can't decide where I want my blog to go... others seem to have topics: children, training to achieve their physical goals, babies... and most writings seem harmless. Not that mine won't be, but not everyone shares my thoughts/morals/opinions. We're all different tho eh? Don't read it if ya don't like it!

HG recently showed me a girl's blog which is all about nudity, sex, porn etc. so each to their own. I can't decide how personal to get and whether I want people around me reading about the things in my head. However, my blogging friend tells me that people soon get over the initial excitement when you tell them you 'have a blog' and most probably don't even bother continuing to read. Well this is a boring post so far!! :P

What I do love is that I can type ANY WORDS into Google Images and find some photos matching what I am envisioning... 

... although ironically I can't find anything right now!

So I should probably do short blogs as and when init...?

I should probably credit the place/person/site from which I find these pics too. Oh well.

Now this is a rambling blog. So this is the result of morning blogging. I'll try a different time of day tomorrow... :-D


  1. I like your ramblings! Google images is amazing isnt it? I'm not always sure about copyright laws either, for stealing wildlife pics I use wikipedia commons :-)

    1. Thanks Rach; that's lucky cuz rambling is something I am good at! ;0) Miss you, lady xx