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Anila Kitteon
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Here's one I started earlier... November 2013 sometime!

I begin this post with no plan and no light... (Sitting with HG who is watching a Samuri film with subtitles; started last night whilst I snoozed after the first film! Sorry, movie :P)

Got sucked into watching a different film. Half of which I slept through. Mmmm comfy!

So this year so far has been most amazing. We said our gradual goodbyes and ended up in Canada... magic! Working and living with my brother and his wife (although sleeping in a different building until October) has been good, for the most part. Strong personalities, who like to talk, HG was quiet for a lot of our interactions. Unless he felt he would be heard or felt strong enough about something to speak up! However, despite ups and downs, misunderstandings and emotional episodes, we have come through it, become great friends and achieved a lot.

At the beginning of the arrangement, I had the stages of group dynamics/development in the back of my mind. Knowing it may get rocky at times, but also that HG & I are balanced and laid-back enough to (hopefully) not stress out those around us too much! This arrangement was based on a week spent together last summer, so it was a chance taken by both couples, but a chance with plenty of potential.

Above is a demo chart I found. Although in the groupwork/training I've done, we said Mourning instead of Adjourning.

It's been interesting considering the transition thru our combined journey between April and December 2014... more on this another time :0)

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