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Anila Kitteon
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Falling Into Place...

So it's been a while.

This year/summer has been an adventurous exploration of curious rollercoaster fun times, love, laughter and tears...

I feel very content right now and as the first day of autumn (fall) fell upon us yesterday (oops maybe it's just become 2 days ago... at 10:29pm or such similar time I believe the radio announcer advised us). It seems like a good time for reflection.

Around the time I stopped writing this blog, I'd chatted on the phone with an incredible woman, whom I am proud to call a friend and whom I wish I could see a hell of a lot more, as she's so kind and fun, as well as being very inspirational and encouraging... one comes away feeling as if they could conquer the world or the world of whatever it is they're passionate about... anyway I'll call her 'V'. V had suggested I find a niche in the parenting/family profession/world and, using my 'expertise' (*cough*) create a blog which might, hopefully and possibly, make some pocket money. Coming away inspired, after so many weeks of job searching, and what would become six months of two different 'factory' jobs, V pulled me out of my disheartened, dead-end, job-applying hole... I researched etc. and after a period of thinking, googling and problem-solving, I gradually became less enthusiastic about the whole idea, as tends to happen to me when there are no set deadlines or consequences for inaction... unless it's something I reeeeally wanna do.

So during my investigation of blogs etc., I thought about this one and decided it'd be better to begin a new one... but I didn't wanna lose this one - which I barely find time for as it is. V had encouraged me to see the new blog as a 'job' that I must put daily time and effort into... as mentioned previously, I'm not massively self-driven (unless it's fitness :) but even then not always). Anyhoo, my (written) diary was being neglected (weekly inserts and many gaps)... HG and I were adapting to living with family members, routines and lifestyles; as were they. There were pros and cons to living together; especially as it was fresh after living with different housemates for 8 months prior, for all parties, for their own individual reasons, as is natural for four grown adults in close living/working quarters.

Anyway... boring, lengthy explanation of time lapse provided, let's get on wiv eeeet.

Or maybe I'll post this one for now... I feel a bit like I blog more about blogging than actually doing the blogging itself... hmm!

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