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Anila Kitteon
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Losing a Stranger

Recently a lady's body was found close to where we are currently living; outside a school that's being built.. It has been said that she struggled with mental health issues and had left her house, down the road, wearing what we assume was inappropriate clothing for the -25°C conditions. She was found at 9am.


I had a day off today and decided to walk to the local grocery shop (my language is so muddled I can't remember what is Canadian and what is English speak: grocery store/supermarket). I passed the school which is being built and tied to the fence were wilted/frozen remains of flowers placed by, I assume, the caring general public and maybe people who knew "Que". I had been litter-picking as I walked - mainly Tim Hortons's cups and I picked up a card laying near the flowers. With no name on the front of the envelope, I peeked inside... I decided to read the card; out of curiosity/nosiness and also because I thought nobody else ever would and a big part of me wanted to know more about this woman who's life/death was seemingly a mystery.

As I was reading (and removing plastic wrappers from soggy flower remains), the sun was presenting me with a magnificent sunset. We've watched this sunset so many times and HG and I are always in awe at the beauty and try, when we can, to get outside and admire the colours in the sky.
I'm glad I read the card.

I'm also reminded that mental health is such a delicate thing; it's so easy to be damaged and to cause damage and it's out of our power what we may or may not inherit genetically.

The good thing about litter-picking in -7°C is that nothing is gooey or liquidy, just stiff!
The less good thing is that it makes your hands cold (although I then remembered I had picked up a carrier bag too - useful!).

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