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Monday, 12 March 2018

Coffee vs Sleep

I don't like coffee. I don't understand why 90% people seem to. Especially here in American-influenced Canada (not meaning this offensively; tis the way of tings).

Before I get started on the waste of disposable, one-use cups, I would be annoyed with myself, if I had such a dependency on something (people use a variety of drugs to get through the day) that I'd join a line of cars, queing down the road, for a drink of brown fluid... there are endless jokes and memes about not approaching people before they've had their first cup of java.

There has been a lot of talk (in my influence/discovery circle anyway), about Self-Love. One way to love oneself, which comes up repeatedly - and which I can now monitor, thanks to my FeeBee, my Fitbit (or FilBert, I'm undecided!) - is to provide yourself with the opportunity to rest, relax and sleep. Sleep can add years to your life... through our decision to refrain from having children, the only things keeping us awake are our nocturnal outdoor kitty, outdoor noises (minimal since the school has been finished & we got double glazing) and the neighbour getting nailed upstairs!

A recent discussion with HG lead to the idea that people who are maybe less than content with their current position/circumstances (life) etc. don't sleep as well. I'd add that health may lead to more/less sleep too. A catch 22: unhappiness leads to less sleep and less sleep (could potentially) lead to further unhappiness.

I understand it's easier said than done to 'get more sleep'.

Russell Brand says that meditation is what saves him from himself each day... in not so many words... I'm hearing similar things more and more... and am totally in love with yoga - I'd thunk up a blog on the topic...

Anyway I'll sign off. HG said I would offend people by questioning/dissing coffee - it's so many people's crutch.

Whatever. Maybe some people will question it. idc
Or at least work on using a reusable cup - we need companies to enable, support and encourage such behaviour!

TTFN my lovelies xXx

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I did, gently encourage the Mum to let bubs sleep... he has been getting increasingly better at sleeping for longer etc. Last I knew he was improving, however I haven't worked for them for the past 2-3 weeks.

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