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Anila Kitteon
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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Grammatically Correctamundo...

Goodness me. I am failing miserably lately and dedicating any time to this.  I love photos and can fiddle/edit/upload/download/insideoutload photos until I literally fall asleep. Which doesn't leave much time fer Blogging. Which is why I've decided to Just Do It!

It's not that Blogging never crosses my mind. It does. Often. And I don't want to spend yet another 'post' whinging about time restraints. I also don't want to worry about having to fill in backlog about how we ended up here (Handsome Geek and me). Cuz let's be serious, nobody really gives a fuck! :P

So here are some random thoughts, facts and announcements from my brain. I don't want to write in too much detail (I struggle with the lack of freedom). Despite writing as anonymously and objectively as I can, people I know/love might possibly read and be upset by my writings. What is the chance of this? My Blogging friends seem to keep it 'nice'. It's about things/places in general. Or children. Who seemingly not only won't be offended in the future, but will also be thankful to have a 'blog' of their upbringing/early years. What an interesting generation we are producing.

Fact One: HG (my handsome geek - husband) and I have agreed we can have much fun together and live life to the fullest if we boycott the reproducing part of being human. I think my body has come to terms with this now and barely pesters me at all with pangs! :-P
Yes, I wonder what our offspring with look like and I lurve children (for a couple of hours at least) and I do love watching small people learn and develop. And teens too. We think we might borrow an adolescent if we come across that craving later in life. For now we lap up every moment together and are happy for our moments to be interrupted by as little as possible.

Thought Two: How quiet it is outside, surrounded by sparkly white pristine snow.

Interesting Thing About Me Number Three: I love grammar. I love the English language and playing with it's letters/words (on purpose). E.g. Fanx... HG and I both share a love of the English language (we much enjoy using unusual words and descriptions over here to startle the Canadians!). PS Here's an example I discovered today. It initially excited me, as I thought it was a play on words. I soon felt disappointment when I realised it was intentional. I accept that some people struggle with reading/writing/spelling. But in a world-wide known store (although famous for treating staff poorly), I expected more. All the same, I couldn't resist a snap:

What's More Number Four: I've made up a word to describe myself: Feek. I've decided I'm a Fake Geek. I've always been friends with boys (and girls) who love science, films and games. I'm now married to one. Luckily he also likes trying to understand the human mind/traits/personalities etc. as I do.  My (geekish) girlfriend made up a word also: FOMO. She struggles with what she calls Fear Of Missing Out. She therefore tries her hardest to get herself to most of what she has committed or been invited too. She is learning to enjoy the moment and accept that stuff will happen without you - you can't be everywhere. AND that sometimes not being present, but being missed, is a smug kinda feeling (I used to vanish for an hour or so in nightclubs on my own little adventures - people usually asked where I'd been!).

OK so having Googled, it appears she isn't the first to come up with this notion. I've just found an article. Have you seen this, RB?

Woah there is loads on FOMO! Lots to read but for now it's sleepy time.
Goodnight and Merry Crimbo!