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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Making natural choices...

So I've read recently that an alternative to shampoo & conditioner is a measured amount of bicarb and vinegar. My cousin, a few years ago, ceased washing her hair for a year or more and, despite people suggesting she was dirty, she was seemingly happy with the results.

I am researching alternatives in my skin/hair care regime and hope to find alternatives to shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash, face wash, face moisturiser and handcream. My reasons are to avoid chemicals, protect the planet (in my own teeny way - every little helps, right Tesco?) and to potentially save some pennies. Right now I'm saving my findings in Evernote, as I may need to acquire some ingredients. I am excited and also slightly concerned, as HG and I are hoping to get ourselves employment (more on this later - if I get around to it!) and I don't want my hair to be in the 2-4 week transition stage (oily/weird) while I'm trying to make a good impression :-P I may also hold off until we have our own place.
I wish I could have such an outrageous hairstyle! But HG is right; my head is a funny shape...

Here's another current debate...

I've also heard conflicting information about whether it's better to run "barefoot" (thin-soled running shoes) or ultra-supported shoes. On further research, it's scientifically backed up as being forcing you to run in a more efficient way, making you lighter on your feet, quicker, and less susceptible to injuries. If only the new style thin-soled shoes weren't so bloody costly! Apparently cushioned shoes do nothing good for our feet (besides protect them from sharp objects). I just asked HG if he fancied running barefoot on the treadmill next time we visit the gym... I'm definitely tempted!

Anyway, on with my search! Here's a bodywash recipe that I'd love to try:

Moisturizing Honey Body Wash


Thanks to

In fact dyu know what, search over. This website answers most of my ponderings!

SO... one day I'll create one/some of these DIY natural goodies and I'll let you know!

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  1. Hello! Thanks for your great comments. I wanted to especially tell you my tip on gritty polish removal (any polish removal for that matter) CRAFT STORE FELT! Buy a few sheets, usually $0.60 per sheet, use whatever remover you like best and you'll never look back. Makes even the toughest glitter come off with ease. :-) Stay tuned for the honey bee tattoo, I'll post a picture of it one of these days! XO